Welcome to The Shop Local Showcase!

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Welcome to the Shop Local Showcase

Featuring a premier business networking mixer for exhibitors and trade fair combination, connecting businesses and consumers to the area business landscape. The Showcase is always open to the community on Saturday between 9am and 3pm.

We are humbled by the support that we have received from area businesses, to bring this event together.

Your favourite, local, small and medium size enterprises continue to compete with online sales and large corporate entities with huge advertising budgets. Add to that an increase in government regulation, changing demographics, consumer preferences for longer hours of operation, and lower prices. If this weren’t enough, the costs just to maintain operations have risen so dramatically, that many of your favourite family businesses have simply chosen to close up shop.

The reality is that a local business mix makes a community livable, sustainable, and unique! While the big box stores, giant corporate retailers, and suburban malls are also part of our local economy, the shrinking presence of independent operators threatens to reduce competition and local job opportunities. Independents are in fact collectively, the area’s largest employer and tax base contributors. When they succeed, the entire community sees the benefits!

The Shop Local Showcase was conceived to give small and medium-sized businesses and new entrepreneurs, a cost-effective opportunity for visibility at a large public event.

Please make note of the show date in the area closest to you and come get to know area business owners and managers. Discover all that they have to offer, from craft beer and local food pairing, to home improvements, business services, and entertainment options. Participate in the sampling, enjoy the product demos, bring your children/grandchildren to play, and don’t forget to enter the draw for a fabulous grand prize. All this is FREE! Always…. Never an admission charge, parking fee, childrens’ activity cost or sampling costs!

Above of all, please support local businesses going forward, as it is an essential contribution toward building strong vibrant communities.

~ Anne Kotlarchuk and the Shop Local Showcase Team